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Prize winning Comedy Magic

In addition to holding both Swedish and Nordic Champion titles in magic, Hakan Berg has also received a Bronze medal in Comedy Magic at FISM 2015 in Italy. Expanding his career into the US, he has recently had several successful runs at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and recently appear on the CW channels show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Watch his contribution here:


Hakan Berg lived up to his reputation for being a genius in magical comedy.
Genii Magazine

King of Birds

The act ”King of Birds” combines influences from Hakan’s heros within both magic and comedy: magical inspiration from Lance Burton and David Copperfield, coupled with comedic inspiration from Steve Martin and John Cleese.
The result is quite intriguing. Usually, when combining magic and comedy, one of the two suffers. And usually, underneath the layer of comedy, the actual magic tends to stay the same.
That’s not the case in Hakan Berg’s remarkable ”King of Birds” act. In it, he has managed to create magic that is not only strong, but inherently funny in itself. The marriage between magic and comedy in Hakan’s work does not subtract, it multiplies.

Multi-talented performer

Hakan Berg is many things. A ’one trick pony’, he ain’t. For over two decades he has been performing his special brand of magic & comedy in Sweden. He has produced several full-evening shows, with his particular take on all sorts of entertainment; singing, dancing, ventriloquism, impressions, theater, stand-up comedy… even mixing in his take on late night talkshow interviews.


You can reach Hakan Berg through his email: info@hakanberg.com, via his Facebook page, Instagram, or by cellphone +46 70 544 63 38


One of the best acts we have ever seen in the show, and you Fucking Fooled Teller!
Penn Jilette

Hakan Berg with a playing card in his mouth